The Spinning Sparks live in concert

The music group Spinning Sparks presents their rock passion in Portalegre, next 9th november.

The musicians are from Portalegre and present not only new songs from their album but also other rock music. The group consists of the singer and guitar player, José Janeiro, Filipe Andrade playing the guitar, Pedro Silva on the base and Ricardo Brito at the drums. The group came together in the year 1997 and since then they have been producing music but with some break in-between.

Here are the voices of two international students studying in Portalegre. Polis Protopapas, an Erasmus student from Sweden says: “I like rock music for my whole live and that is why I already have experienced different sorts of rock music. The Spinning Sparks is therefore an opportunity for me to learn more about their creative work on rock music and just to experience rock music in Portugal”. Furthermore, Samara, an international student from Brazil says: “I won´t miss the rock concert because for me it is a possibility to learn more about the culture in Portalegre and also to get in contact with other people. Never forget that music connects people”.

The concert starts at 11 pm. The entrance is 3 euros.


Author: Lena Schaffer